Poem: Emotional Weather

Debi Taylor-Hough

Original Photo by Debi (Tacoma WA) Tacoma Clouds – Original Photo by Debi

by Debi

ride the waves and surges
of emotional weather
see the highs and lows
without fear of falling
turn your body to the wind
rushing through your hair
know the sun on your face
warming a heart’s chill
taste the snow
melting in your warmth
drink the rain
when caught in a storm
walk barefoot through summer grass
but watch out for bees

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Poem: Sheet Magic

Debi Taylor-Hough

by Debi

We have been called witches
we who can fold fitted sheets
as if it were true magic
or some fearful feat of sorcery

I never knew
people had trouble
folding fitted sheets
it’s like I’ve always known

But someone
some when
must have taught me

An almost memory
folding sheets with my mother
line up the corners like this
tuck them in like this

What we’ve learned
or were carefully taught
may appear as magic
to the uninitiated

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Ugly Crying

Be merciful to me, O LORD, for I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and my body with grief. Psalm 31:9

by Debi

sadnessI wish I cried gracefully
dabbing tears softly
a quiet sniffle
a gentle sob
tear-stained pillowcases

but not me
I’m an ugly crier
a snot-stained pillowcase
or a pile of soggy Kleenex
is more my style

As ugly and snotty and noisy
as my crying may be
the grief behind it
is no less profound
than the gentlest sob
of a lovelier crier
bent gracefully
over the tear-stained pages
of an unfinished
diary entry

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Sorry I’ve been so scarce …


I couldn’t resist this real pay phone at Epcot! I even checked the slot for change.😉

I wanted to apologize for being so scarce online the past couple of months. We’ve been experiencing a fairly major family crisis and things are only just starting to settle down a bit into a “new normal.”

Between my Grad School homework, trying to negotiate some crazy life events, a trip to Florida to see my cousin, and now a bout with Whooping Cough (yeah, a souvenir I brought home from the trip), it’s been difficult to think much about my online life.

Hopefully as things settle down and I start healing, I’ll start writing on my blog(s) more often.

So don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about you all.:)