God is good …

Recently someone I know said that God is good because their life is good. Because they’re healthy … and they’ve been accepted to the educational program of their choice … and they’re happily in love, etc., etc. … and since life’s just plain “good” in every sense they can think of … they’ve concluded that “God is good!”

And it’s true. God is good.

But my question is … what about when life isn’t good? Will this person still feel that God is good?

My husband has a fatal disease (not good), our family has lost all of our hopes and dreams for the future (not good), we’ve had to sell our nice four bedroom house in suburbia and move to a mobile home park in a rough part of town (scary and not good), and for the most part, this earthly life for the foreseeable future is just pretty bleak all around (definitely not good).

But guess what? God is STILL good!

The circumstances of my life, no matter how “not good” they might be at any given moment — or even if they’re “not good” for the rest of my life! — have nothing whatsoever to do with the goodness of God.  God’s goodness doesn’t change if my situations in life change from “good” to “not good.”

Honestly, I’m a bit concerned about this person with the “my life is good, thus God is good” walk of faith. What will happen to that faith if life ever becomes “not good”? If the person’s understanding of God’s goodness is completely dependent upon the goodness they see happening in their own life, it sounds like they might have a faith that’s just sitting there tottering on the edge of some serious potential problems.

God is good. Definitely.

And sometimes life isn’t good.

But even when life isn’t going well by any stretch of the imagination, God can still work those bad things (and some things truly are bad!) into something good in our lives.

I’ve found that in my life, God usually works by making me more and more into the image and likeness of Christ, and also by growing the Fruit of the Spirit in my life (love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control, etc., etc.).

“Fruit” and “Christlikeness” in our lives just aren’t necessarily things that equate with “happy, happy, happy” in our lives.

Just my humble opinion, for what it’s worth.

So, what happens when we pray but don’t see answers?  Click here for my thoughts on Apparently Unanswered Prayers

12 thoughts on “God is good …

  1. I admire your courage and your faith. You have so much going on in your life and it would be so easy to question God. You are not and that is so good so admirable.
    I agree with you and have wondered, many that have their lives perfectly in place, would they be able to maintain their faith if life suddenly threw them a curve ball. I would hope so but in many cases I doubt it. But who am I to judge or how can I know what is going on in their lives that I am unaware of.
    My heart goes out to you and I admire your courage and faith.

    Bill …

    Thanks for sharing. I always appreciate your kind words and thoughtful comments. You’ve met my daughter, Kelsey, on WordPress. I know she’s benefited greatly from her acquaintance with you. Thank you for that.



  2. Indeed! God IS good. A scripture for you, “I allow adversity to measure a man’s righteousness, that he might come to know that no one is greater than God.” It’s a test, just a test.:) And, based on your closing statements, you are acing the tests!

    You might want to read a couple of articles at my blog: “From Adversities to Blessings” and “Blessings in Disguise.” The former was posted this month, but I believe the latter was posted in August.:)

    Another article that simply is helpful and enlightening: “Is Healing of a Christian’s Body a Given,” posted back in August as well.

    Much love in Christ,

    Hi, BonnieQ …

    I’m going to do some more reading on your blog either later today or tomorrow as I have time. Those articles/postings sound very interesting. Thanks for sharing!



  3. Hi, Debi…

    It is only in the tough times that we find out who WE really are and then we can know who HE really is. Then when we say, “God is good”, it is so much more than 3 little words!

    I met your daughter and she is great! (God works in mysterious ways:-) ) I have been blessed from meeting you both…

    Glad to know you’re still doing “well”,


    Debi …

    Small world, isn’t it? Kelsey had told me the other day that she’d met another “Debi” on WordPress … I figured it was probably you. She’s a very special person (and I think I’d say that even if I wasn’t her mom).



  4. God loves you, and everyone. Sometimes, since you are a parent, you know that your children will get sick, and you know they will fall, and you know they will make mistakes. Once they move out of your home and on to their own, they will continue to make mistakes of even more consequence, and you will let them (even if you advise against it) so that they will learn, and you stand by and prepare to catch them if they fall.

    That’s how God does it, in your metaphor. That is God the father, that is your guardian but sometimes he has to sleep, too. God wants you to be happy and knows that you suffer. God is concerned but knows that you will be okay when all is said and done.


  5. It is really adimirable to see you so strong and courageous – and God IS Good for all the good things we fail to see when we are surrounded by the darkness … I hope your family and life troubles are solved !


  6. i couldn’t agree with you more. there is a lot of my life that hasn’t been good, but God was always good in it. one thing i’ve discovered too is that God is good because He is good, not because i am. often times i’ve struggled with the mentality that i will win His favor if i’m good and behave myself. and the times i experience His love and grace the most are when i need it the most, not when i have all my ducks in a row so-to-speak. one thing is for sure, i love learning more about Him. i just found your blog today and am enjoying it. thanks for sharing your thoughts! (o:

    Hi, Jennifer …

    I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog and found it enjoyable. :-)

    One thing I keep finding myself saying in my head is, “I’m just too weak to handle this.” But then I almost immediately find myself remembering that God is able to be strongest in our lives when we’re at our weakest points. When we’re weak, He’s strong. He’s had lots of opportunity to be strong in my life lately, believe me. 😉



  7. I clicked a link on my site and came across this…unfortunately many walk around thinking God is good as long as they have all they could want, then when Life does happen, don’t know what to think, becoming bitter, angry with God. I understand totally. We lost my sons’ father after Thanksgiving 2004 after a lengthy health crisis. In his case, he gave up.

    A dear friend always reminds me that faith is like a muscle that needs to be exercised to stay strong. He reminded me of that so many times when it seemed all was lost. I also hold onto Footprints, that is still as powerful for me as it’s ever been.

    Seemed odd when I popped back to this entry, but I guess it’s what I needed to see at the moment, so thanks.


  8. I am up early today. I was told many years ago when you wake up early, God wants to talk to you or you need to talk to Him. God is so VERY Awesome. I am a breast cancer survivor and life has been very hectic for me past four years. My mom had a large stroke and is in a nursing home in Ohio where I am from. I live in Idaho so have learned the driving route very well. It takes me 36 hours to drive it and i have been doing that once to twice a year. I know God is with me every trip. Everytime I get in the car I pray that God will keep me safe. I took our 6 year old granddaughter this last trip[September] and if I didn’t pray after getting gas or whatever, Kathryn reminded me. God be with you.

    Your sister in Christ.


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