Advent Guide – Inductive Bible Study

I think I’ve shared this in years past with a variety of people online, but I know I’ve never shared it here on this blog/website before.

It’s an inductive Advent calendar and study guide written by my former Precept Bible Study leader when I lived in Olympia, WA several years ago.  She wrote it to use with her grandkids several years ago, but now shares an updated version of it each year for free online.  Eleanor’s the best. :-)

You can find the complete downloadable and printable study here:

Inductive Bible Study – Advent Guide

We visited a local church last Sunday that we don’t usually attend, but it was Youth Sunday and my kids have several friends/acquaintances who were involved with the program.  The Youth Group there had raised money throughout the year to purchase Advent Wreaths — complete with greenery, candles and a daily devotional calendar — for the entire congregation (including visitors … so we came home with one too!). :-)

I felt it was such a thoughtful thing for the kids to do, and it provides a fun and meaningful holiday activity that their entire congregation can participate in together throughout the month of December.


3 thoughts on “Advent Guide – Inductive Bible Study

  1. You wanna print all that stuff out for me?
    just kidding, did you see the blog post over at heart to heart?
    i second the thoughts.:)
    my precepts leader just sent me the same advent thing this morning.
    great minds think alike
    Have a happy thanksgiving. We won’t see you sunday.:)


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