Pre-Christmas prayer service …

Update: This post is from a number of years ago (2009), but the church is offering the same service again this holiday season (2015).  Click here for details.

The Pre-Christmas prayer service at church was perfect.   Really.  Exactly what I needed.  A chance to take off the holiday “mask” and actually cry for awhile.  I didn’t take my kids with me tonight … I’ve found that I can’t cry much with them around … it just adds to their own grief and sadness when they see me lose it.

.Anyway, it was such a blessed time.  Beautiful holiday decorations.  Quiet music on the piano.  Hymns.  Lamentations.  Poetry.  Carols.  Prayer.  So peaceful.  So gentle.  Such a wonderful reminder that God really does care for the broken-hearted.  An entire room full of people sniffling and sighing … but finding hope and solace in God in the midst of their trials and griefs.

.When I saw the list of people who may benefit from attending the pre-Christmas prayer time, I knew it was meant for me.  People experiencing: “unemployment, under-employment, grief, separation, divorce, marital and family stress, loneliness, illness, diseases,” etc.  Pretty much sums up my life the past few years, doesn’t it?

.Just seeing other people this evening who were also grieving and struggling during the holidays was healing.  People who were brave enough to take off the holiday mask for a little while.   “Blessed are those who mourn …  Blessed are the poor in the spirit …”

.I truly felt like this was the single most “perfect” church service I’ve ever attended.  Seriously.  It was so real.  And healing.   And kind.   And isn’t that what Christmas (and Christianity, for that matter) should be all about?  Light breaking into the darkness.   God reaching down and taking humanity and all our struggles into Himself.

.I truly felt blessed tonight.  A warm, comforting moment of spiritual reality in the midst of a time of year that’s so frequently nothing more than commercialism run amuck and syrupy “happy” stuff.

.”Oh … tidings of comfort and joy …”

7 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas prayer service …

  1. We need to know we are not alone and remember that our dear Jesus knows our suffering. How wonderful this service accomplished that. Oh, for the day we can throw our masks away and enter in to another’s hurt without fear. Continued blessings for you, Debi.
    Love, Denise


  2. I am sooooo glad to hear of such a wonderful service. It’s sounds like a great idea for more churches to offer. I’m glad you found it. And I’m glad it gave you a bit of time to be real and grieve and find comfort.


  3. Remember we have to carry our cross and stand firm in faith. Your blog really touched me and though i may not be able to feel your sufferings, i believe in the lord that he will give you the strength to endure. Dont weep for God himself is with you, believe firm and please pray to our lady of perpetual help who will interceed for you and your family to get over your troubles. Then devote your life to serving god and reach out to people who are suffering as a thank you to the lord and the blessed virgin mary. God immensely bless you.


  4. We are a small world and there are believers everywhere all going through problems. It is important to stand firm in your faith and know that we are not alone in our troubles. God hears our prayers and fellow Christians are all around us. Be gratefull for the blessings that you do have, your Children and a God that Loves you uconditionally. Whatever the problem, you are not going through it alone as your fellow Christians and your Father in Heaven are all with you at all times.


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