Not feeling well today …

Got up late this morning.  Felt awful for several hours.  Took a long nap.  Felt awful for several more hours.  Now I have to go to the grocery store or we’ll have no food this week.  Ugh.  I just want to go back to bed.

Also, I’m beginning to doubt the wisdom of sharing that latest post about my hubby moving on.  I spent most of yesterday crying afterward.

For those of you who might feel the need to send me long emails telling me what God wants me to do, please keep in mind a couple of things when you read my blog:

  1. There’s even more to my “story” than what you’ve read here — and in several very sensitive areas of life that I will NEVER share about in cyberspace (and even if you knew me inperson, I wouldn’t tell you … nothing personal … I just don’t tell anyone those things … too private, too horrendous, and too inflammatory).
  2. I’m still recovering from some of the well-meant “thus sayeth the Lord” types of comments I’ve received over the years.
  3. Plus, I’ve heard it all before.  Seriously.

Anyway, not sure if I’m feeling ill from too much crying yesterday … or if I’m coming down with a bug.  I feel sort of achy and feverish.  I have too much to do this week (especially Monday!) to get sick. 😦

Prayers?  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Not feeling well today …

  1. You do what you feel/think is right. When it comes down to it, only person you have to be accountable to is God.
    You know Im going thru some serious stuff also and i too have many people telling me what to do.
    I would only say this:
    if it were me, i would take care of me and the kids. How ever that plays out, well, only God knows.
    Love you and praying for you.


    • I especially like today’s: Isaiah 41:10
      “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”


  2. when ur stressed out is always when u get sick i had some virus going thru me a couple weeks ago the doctor said it had to run the course and i paid 20.00 for that advice


  3. Debi,
    I am so sorry ~ that you are feeling unwell, and for everything else. Praying for the gracious God of the universe to heal you physically and emotionally. In His Grace, Kay


  4. Deb,
    You need to just concentrate on yourself right now and when you start feeling like yourself again you can worry about all of your problems then. I know not everyone knows your whole story but, I think most people wish you well as I do. I pray that whatever decisions you make in your life, that they are made by what you feel and believe and not what I or anyone else thinks. Take Care!


  5. None of us who read your blog could ever possibly understand what you have gone through, and it sounds so sad. I always feel so happy for you when you write about the good things that do come your way, congrats on the new car! Only you will know when it may be time to move on, until then I wish you the strength, faith and hope to keep going and make a better life for you and your children.


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