Friday the Cat

Our cat, Friday, has started collecting things.  His personal favorite is a yellow-haired troll doll.  Where he’s getting his new toys from, nobody knows.  He’ s evidently taken to stealing toys from the neighborhood children!

Friday after “trolling” the neighborhood

Friday says, “I cried and cried outside the Kelsey person’s window … she wouldn’t let me in! So I left my troll baby in the window box hoping somebody in the house would take pity on a poor little naked troll. Instead of taking pity, they took pictures! Humans are strange.”


For more photos and the continuing adventures of Friday the Cat, he now has his own Facebook Fan Page. Yep, I’ve become one of “those” people–someone whose pet has an online page. 😉

Feel free to stop by and “Like” Friday at:

3 thoughts on “Friday the Cat

  1. Hi- I’ve always enjoyed your blog but miss the daily Bible verse in this new format. Also love your original simple mom site. Still praying for your difficult situation!


    • Hi, Laurie …
      The Daily Bible verse is actually still here … it just ended up moved to a different spot. But I think I’ll move it up higher where it’s more noticeable. Thanks for the comment! :-)


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