Now I remember why I don’t like to blog sometimes


Now I remember why I don’t always like keeping a blog–the hurtful and judgmental comments that sometimes come through from random readers who haven’t followed the crazy story of my life and make assumptions, jump to conclusions, and judge situations and statements inaccurately.  And then feel the need to scold.

Ouch.  Be careful of that plank there in your eye … it may have just jabbed others–who are hurting deeply–in the eye, too.  (Keep your plank to yourself?)  ;-)

Today on the sidebar I saw the Bible Verse of the Day:

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”
1 Thessalonians 5:11
Amen.   A little encouragement goes a long way.

7 thoughts on “Now I remember why I don’t like to blog sometimes

  1. As as a reader of many blogs, I see way too many hater posts. Makes me wonder why do these people make the time & the choice to follow if all they can do is find fault in someone’s hard work. I think it takes courage & creativity to put yourself out there. Thankyou for making the time & looking past the few to share.


  2. I completely agree w/ Mary. You know what you’ve been through and are dealing with. If people don’t take the time to read about your back story and post nasty comments, shame on them. Heck if they do take the time and post nasty comments shame on them! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Debi, I appreciate and enjoy your blog and your books. Try to shrug off the ugly comments and remember that nasty people really hate themselves the most.


  4. An online friend of mine mentioned that when she was driving to Vancouver, she saw a giant rock that reminded her of the One who hideth our souls in the cleft of the rock…praying that he would also hide your soul from harsh words.


  5. …a few days late but…first thing you have to remember is this is YOUR blog, here to put whatever you want to on it…whenever you want, …next thing, know they have never walked in your shoes and if they want to be hateful, just be thankful that you are not and realize in a way by coming to your blog, they are ‘tresspassing (sp) on private property and have no right to judge, hate or make mean remarks for you to read…They need to realize they have been given a free pass to enter, sort of like someone you let in your door to visit… .. I am sleepy and beginning to ramble but I know you get the jist of all this… post away my dear, ignore the ignorants of the world.


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