Our new neighbor, Blue the Crow

Our next door neighbors rescued a baby crow. They tried to turn it over to an animal rescue center but it was full, so the center gave them instructions on how to raise the crow and prepare it to return to the wild.

So we have a crow named Blue living next door now. He (she?) learned to fly, has learned to forage, and comes to visit our family by standing on our skylight and talking to us.

5 thoughts on “Our new neighbor, Blue the Crow

  1. Hi I was just reintroduced to your blog, which I saved to read in the past. About the crow you rescued, what a fasinateing story. I find crows very interesting, I feed them and document their behavior on a crow journal I keep on live journal. http://barbz7.livejournal.com/http://barbz7.livejournal.com/312.html Seems we have somethibg in common, as I understand your heart break and frustration about your husband. My son also had a frontal lobe tumor removed from his brain. Some time ago Some time ago I also created a blog on blogger on my trials and tribulations in dealing with his illness. I hope this comment reaches you.


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