“Hooray!” and “Ouch!”

Realized I got busy and wasn’t updating the blog regularly like I’d said that I would.  Sorry ’bout that.

Here’s the “Hooray!”:  Long story short, I’m officially registered for college again this Fall!  Looking for work wasn’t … um … working … so I realized I’d actually have more money available to meet our month-to-month expenses if I were in school full-time rather than trying to find a job (unsuccessfully).   So in September I’m officially a University of Washington Husky!  Go, Dawgs!  :-)

And here’s the “Ouch!”:  I stumbled in the dark in my room the other night and fell face first (actually NOSE first) into the back of the metal chair by my desk.  Fortunately my nose isn’t broken, but I have two black eyes and my entire face is swollen and puffy.  :-/

Will try to keep in touch better in the future.  I seem to be good about posting on my various Facebook accounts, but this blog seems to fall through the cracks.


2 thoughts on ““Hooray!” and “Ouch!”

  1. I am so glad to hear you will be in school full time this fall. That means you will get your degree faster than you first thought! Ouch is right! So sorry to hear about your losing the fight with a metal chair! Thankfully you didn’t break your nose, and hopefully you will heal quickly!


  2. Thanks for the good wishes, Jenny! I traded desk chairs with my son so that mean ol’ metal chair no longer lives in my room. Now I have a soft cushioned chair. Nicer for my nose … but just nicer in general. :-)


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