The wedding went super well!

We all spent today recovering and napping from such a crazy busy week.  My daughter’s wedding was beautiful.  There wasn’t any drama or craziness.  Just a beautiful moment in the lives of two special people starting a new chapter in their lives.   Not a dry eye in the house during the ceremony.  :-)

It was a small intimate gathering of just the bride and groom’s immediate families … plus my dad and his mother (Kelsey’s 103-year-old great-grandma!).   When we get the photos from the photographer, I’ll post more.  Right now we only have a couple of photos from the event (I purposely left my camera behind so that I’d stay in the moment and not get lost behind the lens).  I’m glad I did that … but now I just have to sit around and be patient for other photos to trickle in from other folks.

cake close upI know some people were wondering if Kelsey would need to skip cutting a cake because of her Celiac and her need to stay away from all gluten (she also can’t have eggs, milk or sugar which ruled out even a traditional gluten-free cake). Well, thanks to the creativity and research done by her new mother-in-law and sister-in-law (who made the cake), they came up with an idea for a layered watermelon “cake” frosted with cashew-cream.

It was sooooooooooooooo adorable and 100% Kelsey-safe!  Instead of feeding each other bites of cake, they fed each other berries from the cake.  It was all just so cute.  :-)

And yes, that’s a Lego bride and groom on top.:-)

More details to come … and more photos, too!

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