Rethinking my blog

While I was in college full-time the past few years, I’ve pretty much left this blog nearly abandoned.  I was just looking over some of the past posts, and even the “Life as it Stands Today” post is seriously out-dated and really doesn’t accurately reflect where things are anymore.

Honestly, I almost feel like this blog has become a snapshot of where I was and where I’ve been, but no longer represents where I am now and where I’m headed in the future.  But it’s all still part of the journey of my life which is what this blog was supposed to be about, right?

I’m torn between continuing this blog and refocusing the content for the future, or maybe just archiving this to remain “as is” and starting something new.  Don’t worry … I plan to keep blogging. Just not certain how I want to approach it from here.

Any thoughts, dear readers, on where to go from here?  Also, I’m just curious if anyone’s even still out there reading anymore.  :-)

28 thoughts on “Rethinking my blog

  1. I’ll read anything you write and follow you anywhere. So if you keep blogging here, I’m still reading. If you start a new blog, I’d love to know where it is.:)

    (((hugs))), as always!


    • Hi, Karen …

      Thanks for commenting! If I start a new blog, I will definitely let everyone know where it is. I promise I won’t just move and leave no forwarding address. 😉


  2. Still reading here in Ohio:) Congrats on your degree! Good luck with grad. school. I always check this site even when there isn’t a new posting- really enjoy the daily Bible verse but it seems to have disappeared. Any idea if you’ll bring that back?


    • For some unknown reason the RSS feed for the daily Bible verse stopped working. Hopefully it’ll be back soon! :-) Thanks for letting me know you’re still out there reading.


  3. I read when you post and am now also following your daughter’s blog. I’ve got a few different blogs myself, so I get the idea of starting over in a new place. Whatever you decide, I’ll follow you.


  4. One more in the ‘still reading’ category! I’ll follow if you move, continue to read if you don’t move, but keep posting!


    • Hi, Julie … that’s an interesting idea. I’d actually thought a couple of times about taking the posts and the “story” and making it into a booklet of some sort. Sort of like a “Life: The Journey – Part One” all in one place. And then … to be continued … lol


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