I’ve been trying to remember to write down at least a short outline of any dreams I remember upon waking in the morning (or after a nap).  What do you dream about?  Do you think dreams have meaning?  Do you remember your dreams?

Here are three dreams out of my notebook:

  1. I dreamed I’d flunked a class in the MFA program and wasn’t going to be able to graduate on time.  This is a recurring dream.  The flunked class was a Math class and there aren’t any Math classes in the MFA.  Plus, I’ve never flunked a Math class in real life.  Dreams are weird.  Oh, and these dreams occurred after I’d already graduated from the MFA program.
  2. I dream regularly that an estranged family member and I have a kind, compassionate, non-angry talk about what’s been happening.  The dream is so realistic that when I wake up, I feel as if it’s really happened.  But then it’s so overwhelmingly sad when I realize it was just a dream, and at this point is far from coming true.
  3. I dreamed I lost my purse and all my personal ID on a trip to Room 130.  What is Room 130, you ask?  I have absolutely no idea.


5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. That first dream is a classic stress dream. It is kind of interesting to follow the trail of those dreams as you age – from going to school in your pajamas, to missing a test/not knowing you are enrolled in a class/failing to study for the final – and then onward. I’ve had the second type when someone has died. It brings a temporary peace, but is, of course, not lasting. I’ve dreamed I’ve lost my ID and personal stuff – but never on the way to any particular Room!

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    • I thought it was the funny with the first dream that it happened after I was finished with the Graduate program. Honestly, it was probably residual stress from two very stressful years of schoolwork. I still wonder if there’s significance to Room 130. Maybe an old classroom at some point?


  2. Yes, I think dreams do have meaning. I remember most of my dreams. I hate the ones tbat wake you and you cannot return to sleep because of thinking of the dream.

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    • And then there are the dreams that are sooooooooo vivid, but as you start to wake up, you can feel them slipping out of your grasp and out of your memory.


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