Looking for the lesson in a photo …

This is a rather odd post, but I have been looking at this photo for over a week trying to decipher the message/lesson/parable or whatever it could represent.

I was taking photos in Tacoma, Washington last week, and my friend and I stopped to visit the historic Union Station building.  They have a number of glass art objects by Dale Chihuly on display.  I liked the orange glass displays on one of the windows and I enjoyed how the light was shining through each piece.

I took this close up photo, but didn’t realize there was a flag in the composition until I was at home later on looking at the photos on my computer.  I was thrilled with the accidental composition that was hiding in plain sight.

So what’s the lesson in this?  It seems like there’s something.  Maybe something like you don’t always see what’s hiding in the background of your life until later when you have a different perspective?  Or, don’t be so focused on the obvious things that you miss the subtler things going on in the background?  Or, glass is transparent?  😉

Does it speak to anyone else?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, inspirations, meditations, wise cracks, etc.



2 thoughts on “Looking for the lesson in a photo …

  1. Great picture! I see 2 flags– the lower one seems to be at half mast. Maybe, even though the flag is now at half mast for the state of our country, in the future the flag will fly high on a bright and sunny day (sure hope so!). But then again, maybe it just portrays an atomic blast. Sorry– that one’s kind of snarky. I really enjoy Chihuly glass– having it in many places is on of my favorite things about Seattle.


    • I think maybe the lower flag is the same flag but viewed through a different angle of the wavy surface of the Chihuly? Which fits in with your interpretation of it representing the same thing only differently. Thanks for playing along. 🙂


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