What’s up … ?

This seagull photo has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to share it.  One of my favorites from this year, so far.  🙂

A friend on Facebook asked everyone what they’re doing in their current stage of life. It brought up some interesting comments and discussion, so I thought I’d try it on here.

What stage of life are you in? What do you do for a living (paid or not)? What is your life’s current focus? What are you passionate about?

I’ll go first:

Recovery from unimaginable loss, regaining health and strength (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), looking for hope, searching for meaning, staying alive, thinking, reading, pondering.

You know, just the average daily stuff.  And:

I’ve actually been on a bit of a health-related disability leave from work-related activities while I focus on recovery and strength. It’s been a rough couple of years. I have a couple of writing projects in the planning stages, so I’m hoping those will become more of a focus as 2018 progresses.

So, how about you? Where are you at?

I’d love to restart the conversations that used to happen on this blog back in the good old days. There are some great people out there.



2 thoughts on “What’s up … ?

  1. I work part-time from home — a huge change 18 years ago after learning how to cut expenses to the point where I could afford to. (Thanks, OAMC, Dollar Stretcher, etc.) I remember the tragedy with your husband’s illness, Debi, as that was around the same time as we made such life-changing moves here. Our only child is long grown and gone (29, educated, married, lives nearby). We’ve gone from owning a huge home to a tiny one (yeah!). My husband survived cancer last year. We are looking forward to doing some traveling soon.


    • Congrats on living the tiny home dream. My dad and I are looking into building a small cabin on some property our family owns in the mountains. It will essentially be my place and I’m tossing around the idea of living three seasons of the year. Winter is a bit difficult there. Anyway, I’m excited about the prospect of possible tiny home living in my future. So happy to hear your husband is healthy again. I hope to do some traveling, as well. A friend and I are thinking about taking an Alaskan cruise this Fall or next Spring.


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