4th of July memories …

I asked my Facebook friends today, “What are your favorite 4th of July memories from when you were younger?”  Feel free to answer the question and share your thoughts and memories in the comment section.  It’s fun to be nostalgic from time to time.

Food-related Memories: When I was a child, our traditional 4th of July dessert was Angel food cake with whip cream and strawberry frosting.  That particular cake was our family’s traditional birthday cake, and because my dad’s birthday was on July 7th, we celebrated his birthday early on the 4th as the entire extended family was together anyway. Yep, birthday cake on the 4th was my favorite tradition, food-wise. Other than that, I remembered we had an All-American feast of grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, bbq chicken, potato salad, macaroni salad, strawberry jello with sliced bananas, corn on the cob, watermelon, marinated cucumbers and onions, baked beans.  Yum.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.  🙂

We would eat dinner outside on the back porch at my grandparents house on Yarrow Point.  The porch was shaded and was close to the barbeque.  The rest of the day, we’d hang out by the water to stay cool. Lots of swimming, wading, splashing, floating on air mattresses.  Cold lemonade and sliced watermelon for snacks.  (The photo above is my grandparents’ front yard.)

Then in the evening we’d drive to Seattle and watch the fireworks over Green Lake. When our neighborhood all returned home from watching firework displays, the families gathered at the end of our little cul-de-sac and shot off our own fireworks. Mr Razor always had a welding torch handy for lighting the fireworks so we didn’t get to play with matches or lighters very often. lol

So how ’bout you?


4 thoughts on “4th of July memories …

  1. When I was little, we would join with our neighbors across the street for a cookout. we alternated years as to whether the cookout was at their house or ours. Then we’d go see the town’s fireworks together and go for ice cream afterwards. I have such good memories of those years. The neighbors eventually moved away, so it hasn’t been our tradition for a long time, but it was definitely my favorite.

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    • Love that! When my kids were little we had neighbors that we did holiday things with until everyone moved away. I hope my children have warm happy memories from those good times with our neighbors. My neighbors now just barbeque and have their own families over. It smells so good right now as dinners are being prepared on the grill up and down the street.


  2. We did fireworks in our backyard, although they were technically illegal in our very urban neighborhood. My favorite memories are actually as an adult. Tomorrow we’ll drive to our former town (a small town an hour away, as opposed to the enormous city where we live now) to celebrate the small town way with a fire station pancake breakfast and Independence Day parade.

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    • That sounds wonderful! I’m going to hunker down and keep my kitties safe. It gets LOUD here. There’s a Tribal casino up the street and they sell lots of the big illegal fireworks, so our little town sounds like a war zone. In the afternoon, I’ll probably wander over to the 4th of July celebrations in the park. They usually have live music, fun craft booths, and a classic car show. I’ll bring my camera. Should be good photo ops. 🙂


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