A Month of Thanksgiving

Why is Thanksgiving only a day?  Why aren’t we thankful everyday?

In keeping with the general spirit of the mindful/conscious living post from yesterday, I’m going to try to remember to post a quick little something everyday this month about something I’m thankful for.  I feel that being aware of the blessings and good things in our daily lives can sometimes be the catalyst or beginning of being more mindful in general.

So I guess for November 2011, I’m going to be keeping a daily gratitude journal of sorts.  But I may forget … life happens, you know … so we’ll just see how it goes.  LOL!  No pressure.  No legalism.  No “oughts” or “shoulds” or “musts.”  Wanna join me? :-)

30 Days of Thanksgiving


I’m grateful for the beautiful sunny drive to work today with the low lying clouds just barely covering the autumn trees.  I wish I’d had my camera, but I was in a hurry to get to work on time.  But even with the need for speed (I didn’t speed, by the way), I still made a point of looking and actually seeing the beautiful day.  It was almost like I took a mental photograph.  I can pull up the image in my mind right now, as a matter of fact.

Okay, your turn.  What are YOU thankful for today?

Popular Blog Posts


I was looking at my various blog statistics this morning and found that the following posts/articles consistently get visitors from all over the web every day.  Not really sure why these particular posts are so popular, but here you have it … my list of frequently visited blog posts (in order of popularity):
1) Low-Budget Meal Planning
2) A Secret to a Relaxed Holiday Dinner
3) Freezer Meal Containers
4) You Know You’re From Western Washington
5) Twaddle-Free Children’s Literature by Grade Level
6) Advent Guide – Inductive Bible Study
7) Learning Impulse Control
8.) Happiness vs. Joy

February Blogging Challenge

februarie.jpgMy real life friend, Gina, is hosting a blog challenge for the month of February.  Basically it’s a commitment to post a blog entry everyday this month (February’s the shortest month so it’s less of a commitment than other months). 😉

I’m not sure I normally would want to post that often to this blog, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good way to re-build the habit of writing everyday … even if it’s only a paragraph or two.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with too many posts here this month, don’t worry.  Things will probably return to my regular hit-or-miss schedule in about four weeks.

Hey, wanna join us?!  Gina’s giving away chocolate this week to a random participant. 😉