I’ve been trying to remember to write down at least a short outline of any dreams I remember upon waking in the morning (or after a nap).  What do you dream about?  Do you think dreams have meaning?  Do you remember your dreams?

Here are three dreams out of my notebook:

  1. I dreamed I’d flunked a class in the MFA program and wasn’t going to be able to graduate on time.  This is a recurring dream.  The flunked class was a Math class and there aren’t any Math classes in the MFA.  Plus, I’ve never flunked a Math class in real life.  Dreams are weird.  Oh, and these dreams occurred after I’d already graduated from the MFA program.
  2. I dream regularly that an estranged family member and I have a kind, compassionate, non-angry talk about what’s been happening.  The dream is so realistic that when I wake up, I feel as if it’s really happened.  But then it’s so overwhelmingly sad when I realize it was just a dream, and at this point is far from coming true.
  3. I dreamed I lost my purse and all my personal ID on a trip to Room 130.  What is Room 130, you ask?  I have absolutely no idea.