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I just realized that I’ve started posting more frequently on my public Facebook page than I used to.  I’ll be posting less frequently here on this blog, but if you want to keep in touch and get occasional updates, recipes, tips, jokes, etc., Facebook may be the way to go.

Hope to see you there!  🙂


Last week on Facebook …

Nothing too exciting on my Facebook feed this week.  Mainly memes and album covers (“Post the Covers of Your Top 10 Albums You Still Listen To”).

I had a pretty quiet stay-at-home, avoid-all-people sort of week.  Although I did take myself to the symphony one evening, and then took advantage of sunny day and drove up to the University of Washington (Seattle) to enjoy the blooming cherry trees on the Quad.   More photos below.

Here are the highlights (such as they are):

  • Went on Youtube to look up something quickly, and after getting thoroughly distracted, I now know how to do make-up for women over 50, I’ve seen a cow who lives in someone’s house, I’ve learned to style short hairstyles (I have long hair), I’ve watched debates over the pros and cons of getting eyebrow tattoos (that would be a no for me), and I watched a parrot talk to a banana. Yes, my week is complete. Thank you, Youtube!
  • Possible TMI to follow. I inhaled a piece of granola bar. Coughed so hard, it felt like my lungs were going to bleed. Scary thing to inhale crunchy scratchy hard things. I hope it’s all out of there. I’m exhausted.
  • Just finished re-reading Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar. After living through the past couple of years of my life, I have a completely different perspective on the book. I think it’s going to take me a while to process this. I have a feeling this is going to get processed with lots and lots of writing. I’ve already started a file for whatever comes out of this. I may go back and reread the book again but take notes this time. So many times I found myself thinking things like, “Yes, but for me it was different.” Every life is different. It’s interesting to see how different people with different personalities and different emotions and different circumstances can still wind up in somewhat similar situations.

Last night I watched the live production of Jesus Christ Superstar on NBC.  I’ve seen many productions of the show over the years.  Many.  Very many.  And I found this morning when I woke up that I had opinions about almost every scene and every actor/actress.  I may take notes of my thoughts and write it up as a review of sorts later today.  Spoilers:  I enjoyed it.  More spoilers:  I didn’t love it.  😉

Hope everyone out there is doing well this week.  Feel free to leave a comment.  What book(s) have your read recently that made an impact?  What are your top ten albums you still listen to?  What’s the silliest thing that’s distracted you on YouTube or Facebook lately?  What flowers/trees are blooming in your area?

Love hearing from you all!


Here are the promised photos:


Still not sure about direction of this blog

You’re all going to start thinking I’m the flakiest blogger on the planet.  I think it’s partly fear that keeps me from deciding on which way to go and what the future will look like for my online life.  I think this post will be a collection of Facebook musings from my personal Facebook account.  I don’t really use any of my Fan Pages anymore, so if you thought you’ve been missing posts, no worries.  No posts = nothing to miss.  🙂

So much has happened since I used to blog regularly.  So much has changed.  I’m honestly not the same person I was two years ago.  I don’t know how to bridge the gap between “before” and “after” without making myself more vulnerable than I feel comfortable with at the moment.   Can we just say, “Hang on for the ride, folks, things might get a bit dizzy or unsettling at times”?

I have started keeping a little notebook that I carry in my purse to write down ideas as they come to me.  Ideas for this blog, but also ideas for articles, books, poetry, crafts, home maintenance, recipes, thoughts, topics to talk with my therapist about, things to tell my friends when I see them next, etc.  Rather than trying to overthink this blog, I may just start randomly choosing a topic from my notebook that speaks to me in the moment.

Thanks for sticking with me through this transition.  If you think this is disjointed and crazy, you should see my life.  🙂

Okay.  On with the current round of Facebook Tales:

  1. So I had my car detailed, inside and out this week. The first morning after the detailing, a bird had somehow pooped on the back of the car while it was parked in my carport. And we’re talking a MAJOR poop, here. Those darn random pooping birds. Evidently they’re why I can’t have nice things.
  2. IN HONOR OF GRANDMA — Every mid-morning and mid-afternoon, my grandmother would sit at the kitchen table with a cup of tea and a cookie. I started giving her boxes of fancy teas for her birthday each year. One day she asked me, “Why do you give me tea all the time?” I told her it was because she loved tea so much, and she laughed and said, “I only drink Red Rose. I don’t like any other teas.” She had been regifting the gourmet teas from me for years.
  3. I was going to clean my kitchen today. And clean the fridge. And mop the kitchen floor. Instead, I’ve been sitting on the couch watching cat videos. Hey, it’s cold and snowy. That’s my excuse. (Although it’s not snowing in my kitchen, but that’s completely beside the point.)
  4. A Day in the Life of a Middle Aged Whovian – Package comes in the mail. How cute! A charm bracelet. I love charm bracelets. Let’s take a look and see what charms are on it. A TARDIS?! SQUEE! (Okay, I think I see already where this is going.) Bad Wolf? Squee! Two hearts! Squee! Clock face! Squee again. An electric guitar! Double Squee! A rose! An angel! Stopping briefly to catch breath. A sonic screwdriver!! Squee! A severed hand! 🙂 Now out of breath and smiling so much, my cheeks ache.  Made my day. Always nice when someone acknowledges and supports my Doctor Who obsession.
  5. Drat. My cat, Friday, has discovered he likes my new water filter. Within seconds of putting my glass of filtered water down on the coffee table, he had his head in the glass drinking. Guess I’m going to have to use covered cups now. I don’t blame him, though. The filtered water is GOOD.
  6. I am so easily amused. I was just playing with the predictive text on my phone and laughed so hard at the message it gave me. “I am part of the bathroom window so probably best for everyone if I don’t want to sit by myself.” Yeah, probably for the best.
  7. I was just looking at my Wish List on Amazon and I think it looks like the Wish List of a Middle Schooler. Chewing gum, CDs, Toys, Doctor Who, Star Wars.
  8. The second subscription box of cat toys and treats arrived today. Super cute transportation-themed toys. Taxi, sailboat, helicopter, anchor. Do the kitties care about the delightfully themed toys? Of course not. The only “theme” they like is paper. Paper boxes. Paper wrapping. They sniffed each toy, sniffed the dried salmon treats, and ended up fighting over the box again. My cats are in a rut. (I really do think the toys are adorable, though, even if they aren’t play-worthy.)
  9. I just thought I’d found the secret to getting the cats to play with the toys. I put the toys in the box! Pye ran right over and I thought it was successful. I watched him patiently pick up each toy and set it outside of the box. After the box was empty of toys, he went on about his business and lost interest in the toys. I get the message. Toys must NOT be in the special box. 
  10. A Facebook quiz said my celebrity Valentine this year is Jamie Dornan.  Oh, dear.  Um …  50 Shades of Nope.
  11. I ran out of Sticky Notes.  How will I remember to buy Sticky Notes without any Sticky Notes to remind me to buy Sticky Notes?
  12. Pye was playing with the bunny. Suddenly the noise level increased and it sounded like elephants running around my dining room. I was about to holler at Pye to calm down and not be so rough with the bunny … but when I looked up, it was the tiny bunny chasing the cat. Oh. Never mind. Carry on.

Maybe next time when I post — hopefully sooner rather than later — I’ll have something worthwhile to say.  Or not.  Whatever.  I’m going to lose readers, aren’t I?  “My goodness, this Debi is a flaky one.  I hope it’s not contagious.”

Not you. Talking to myself.