Two of my favorite things …

This charm bracelet was given to me by a friend last week unexpectedly.  Yes, it’s Doctor Who themed.  Yes, it makes me smile.  Yes, smiling is a good thing.  🙂


And here’s my new TARDIS umbrella that makes me smile every time I use it.  And it gives other Whovians the ability to identify me as “one of them” so we can exchange knowing smiles.  Maybe there should be a secret Whovian handshake?


Shaded Window Box

The new format of this blog is truly just a glimpse into my life.  So, here’s this week’s high adventure.

Someone who owned my home prior to me had the bright idea of putting a flower box on a window underneath the carport roof.  Never at any moment throughout the day (or even throughout the year) does that flower box get direct sunlight.

Over the years, I’ve tried to find ways to dress up the flower box.  Various holiday decorations worked temporarily.  I tried artificial flowers/plants, but they just looked … um … artificial. And who wants that?

One day, I was in the floral department of my local store and noticed the houseplants.  It dawned on me that houseplants often never get direct sunlight, so on a whim, I bought a collection of houseplants to put in my covered window box.

They actually survived year around … until I forgot to water them this past winter.  Poor little dried out plants.  I felt like a neglectful plant mama.  We rarely get hard freezes in the Seattle area, so they had survived the winter temps, but not the human-induced drought.

Well, this week, I restocked my covered flower box with house plants.  And I promised the dear little things that I would remember to water them throughout the year.  Fortunately, the flower box is right by my front step and I have to walk past it each time I go to my car.  So I should remember that they’re there and they need my care. But I can selectively see what I want — or don’t want — to see with great talent, so we’ll see.  😉

If you have a shaded window box, maybe try houseplants?

Here’s a photo of some of my new babies (and I noticed looking at this photo that I need to clean the wall and flower box front — so yes, this is a real glimpse into my real life, smudges and all):