Ideas and quiet …


I went to take sunset photos the other day, but the sunset was being a little bit boring.  This little dog, however, was being adorable.

I used to get my best ideas while quietly washing dishes by hand or doing other household chores. But a couple of years ago I started listening to music – loud music! – because I didn’t want to be alone with my own thoughts. Too traumatic and depressing. The music helped me get through the housework without breaking down crying, but it seemed it also drowned out the ideas that used to percolate during those quiet times of repetitive actions that I previously found inspiring and fruitful.

Fast forward to today.

I realized in the middle of cleaning my kitchen that I’d been having ideas again. Writing ideas, art ideas, general life ideas. It was a little bit startling to have my brain spontaneously generating new ideas again.

I stopped cleaning and just stood in the kitchen thinking about how inspired I was feeling, and then I realized it was very quiet. I hadn’t turned on the music. I’d just been going about my business in peace and quiet again.

So, I had two exciting realizations today. 1) Ideas were still there, they just needed some peace and quiet to germinate, and 2) I’ve healed enough emotionally that I can be left alone with my thoughts!

I’ve been trying to figure out if there’s a way to talk about the things that have caused me so much pain and grief the past two years, but it’s important to me to share without sharing about other people in a negative way. As I was wiping down the stovetop, I had ideas about ways to share my story while still being considerate of others. So there might possibly be some posts in the future about things I’ve been holding close to the chest. It’s a challenge to share heartache brought on by the actions of others without making it turn into a she-said-(s)he-said type of thing, or a blame game.

Anyway, I was taking a short break from housework and thought I’d share my thoughts. I’m a little bit excited. Depending on how things go, I may end up being a lotta bit excited. 😉

We’ll talk later …



Looking for the lesson in a photo …

This is a rather odd post, but I have been looking at this photo for over a week trying to decipher the message/lesson/parable or whatever it could represent.

I was taking photos in Tacoma, Washington last week, and my friend and I stopped to visit the historic Union Station building.  They have a number of glass art objects by Dale Chihuly on display.  I liked the orange glass displays on one of the windows and I enjoyed how the light was shining through each piece.

I took this close up photo, but didn’t realize there was a flag in the composition until I was at home later on looking at the photos on my computer.  I was thrilled with the accidental composition that was hiding in plain sight.

So what’s the lesson in this?  It seems like there’s something.  Maybe something like you don’t always see what’s hiding in the background of your life until later when you have a different perspective?  Or, don’t be so focused on the obvious things that you miss the subtler things going on in the background?  Or, glass is transparent?  😉

Does it speak to anyone else?  I’d love to hear your thoughts, inspirations, meditations, wise cracks, etc.