My Simple Frugal Daily Exercise Routine

A Frugal Simple Life

So I’ve come up with a simple and very frugal way for me to get exercise right now while I’m having trouble with my hip when I walk, work with weights, or ride a bike. (And before someone suggests it, I don’t personally care for swimming in the wintertime–hate getting my hair wet when it’s cold outside.)

Anyway, I digress.  So my solution to the exercise situation: Dancing! I’m now having what I call Debi’s Daily Dance Party all by myself in my living room every morning.

The floor and carpet are nicely padded so it doesn’t aggravate my hip, it’s frugal since I already own the stereo and CD’s, it’s simple because I don’t have to go anywhere (or even get dressed!), and it’s super fun!  It sort of freaks out my cats, though.  ;)

After half an hour of dancing to the Dropkick Murphys this morning (love me some…

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May I Not Die in this Battle

by Debi Taylor-Hough

(Ephesian 6:11-17)

helmet on groundI am no soldier
and yet
the battle of life
found me

Here I lie
stabbed through the heart
my soul bleeding
Death circling silently
I feel its breath

This helmet
which should have been my salvation
brought meager protection
in this unexpected onslaught

My breastplate
in all its righteous glory
surprised me
by offering little protection
from the fire-laden arrows
of my enemies.

The sword in my hand
always so firm and sure
fell heavily to the ground
and lay still
I am too weak to raise it again

My shield
made of stretched hide
now moth-eaten
riddled with holes
its beauty and emblems
faded beyond recognition

These shoes
once rugged and sturdy
have worn through
I feel painfully each rock
each stone
each thistle
each step an agony

Oh, how I wish to walk in peace once again.


Pitifully — under
a great soldier’s helmet
a cricket sings

Matsuo Basho

A good day

squee bunnyHigh point of my day yesterday was two young girls walking past my house talking about how much they wished they could see a real bunny. I was sitting in my carport at that very moment holding one of my bunnies so I chased after them and asked if they’d like to see my bunny. I’ve never seen two happier or more excited little faces! So we got to have a lesson on how to gently stroke bunnies so we don’t scare them, etc.

Next thing I knew, I had two little friends spending the afternoon with me (after their dad came down to meet me, that is, before letting the girls in my house — good dad!). I found out that Hannah (age 10) and Jessica (age 4) are homeschooled and were in my neighborhood visiting their grandmother. When I told them I have a grandmother who’s 105, they kept laughing and saying I told funny stories because nobody’s grandmother could ever be THAT old. Maybe 104, but NOT 105. LOL

They helped me put away my Christmas stuff, and enjoyed meeting my cats and learning how to approach them without being scary (the girls had only ever been around big dogs, so bunnies and kitties were a new experience for them). We worked on a jigsaw puzzle together, and then we colored for a while.

When big sister told little sister, “No, you can’t color a tree purple … trees are green!” I told little sister, “When you’re at my house, you can color anything you want any color you want. It’s called being creative. And being creative is a wonderful thing!” Next time big sister tried to correct little sister’s coloring choice, little sister proudly piped up and said, “I can color my deer blue if I want to. I’m being creative!”

Anyway, they said they want to come back and see me and my bunnies and cats and coloring books next time they visit their grandma. I’m looking forward to it!

My Christmas

by Debi Taylor-Hough

sad_ChristmasWhen no gifts are beneath the tree
When the family table sits empty
When no cards arrive to share
warmest greetings
Then you will know
my Christmas

When no stockings are hanging or filled
When no phone calls are sharing glad tidings
When the people you love
abandon and ignore
Then you will know
my Christmas

When all that you live for is gone
When all you believe in feels empty
When you think you may die
from a broken heart
Then you will know
my Christmas

Blue Christmas (What To Do When The Holidays Hurt)


john pavlovitz

sad_Christmas‘Tis the season…

For many people these are days of magic and wonder, a time when hope rises and peace falls and where miracles begin to feel commonplace. They are moments of joyous reunions and fierce embraces and boisterous laughter and crowded tables, all accompanied by waves of easy gratitude. Christmas is for lots of folks, a time when Goodness has the run of the house in their hearts. To them, it is sweet and possible and glittering with promise.

But you are not one of those people, and that’s what makes this season so much more difficult to endure. Your days are not merry and bright, in a time when the rest of the world’s seem to be and so the normal cavern between you and everyone around you feels wider than usual, the isolation more severe, the disconnect greater. You seem to find estrangement everywhere you look.

Christmas is here—and Christmas hurts.

Maybe it’s because of the chairs…

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