A few random thoughts about my experiences in my first quarter of Graduate studies at the University of Washington.

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While always believing that writing can be a means of healing, I find myself learning this lesson afresh in the early stages of the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics graduate program at the University of Washington Bothell.  The writing prompts given in class have nudged me into looking at aspects of my life which I’d been ignoring and not wanting to talk about.  Ever.

I’m also reminded of the complexity of each person’s life.  Someone can grow up in a wealthy suburb like Bellevue and not be wealthy or a snobby suburbanite.  A person can have warm family memories and have recollections of abuse side-by-side in the same life.  In many ways, I think I’m developing a poetic of self.

On a somewhat egocentric track, there’s something appealing about the thought of words and ideas living on after I’m gone, maybe to be discovered anew in the…

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Dan Stults Memorial Fund

My friend, Megan, set up this GoFundMe site to help with funeral and living expenses for her good friend’s widow and daughter who were suddenly and unexpectedly left without a husband, father, or income on Monday.

Please consider helping support Dan’s family during this time of grief and transition to a new life.

Anything helps! Sharing with friends and family would be helpful, too.


We had a field trip for my MFA program last Thursday.

Reading aloud to a photo of a dead bird.

Madeline and Debi selfieI recently completed an Oral History project on my 103-year-old grandmother, Madeline Taylor.  She’ll be celebrating her 104th birthday later this month.  An amazing woman who lived an amazing life.

I gave copies of the Oral History report to family for Christmas gifts this year, which were a big hit (especially with Grandma!).  On a whim, yesterday I decided to add Grandma’s story to the internet for all to see.

If you’re curious, you can read about her long life here:

Essay: Madeline Taylor.

One year–a long, long time ago–my New Year’s resolution was to get into the habit of reading aloud to my kiddos every evening from a “just for fun” book.

That was a resolution I kept for many, many years to come. And one of the best habits we ever built into our family.

I highly recommend it!  :)

For suggestions on books to read aloud with your family, check out this list of Twaddle-Free Literature by grade level:

Recommended Children’s Literature by Grade Level

Happy reading! :-)



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