O, mighty leaf hunter …

My cat Pye’s favorite thing to hunt is dry Rhododendron leaves which he then brings into the house to give to me. Sometimes he even hides them in my blankets on my bed. Which usually involves a squeal or scream when I crawl into bed at night and feel something hard and crackly in my sheets.

Since I’d been battling a stomach bug this past week, I hadn’t really been able to pick up around the house. Yesterday, I made a point to find all the leaves he’d brought in just to see how much had accumulated over four or five days.

Following is a photo of Pye’s special stash. This is just from this week.

When I laid the leaves out so I could take the photo, Pye came over and sat next to the leaves. He was so proud and I imagine quite thrilled that I finally appreciated his hunting trophies enough to photograph them.


Love my goofy, leaf-hunting fur-baby.